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I just moved into a new apartment about a month ago. It's a much nicer place with fairly new carpet. I have rugs in the bathroom and in our entry. One of my cats has peed on the rug in the entry, once on the carpet by the computer and twice now on our 4 day old bathroom rug. She is healthy and is acting normal. I keep thinking maybe it's where I have positioned the litterboxes (a smaller one in the entry, and the bigger one under our vanity in the bathroom [it's behind the door]). Or maybe she doesn't like the boxes with the tops on. Or maybe there isn't enough litter in them. I don't know, but my bf said if she does it 2 more times we have to get rid of her (we liv in an apartment that doesn't allow pets and we have 4 cats). She previously lived with my dad and she had a litter box there but it wasn't always cleaned and she got to go outside and she was also used to using the house as a litter box also.

Has anyone had this problem? What did you do? Any ideas/solutions? Thanks =|
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