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My kitty Poopy Jack!!

I have been lurking around this community for a while, and I thought I would finally post pictures of my kitty!His name is Jack...but Poopy is his nickname. He is a year and a fiance and I got him from a run down feed store, where they had 6 kittens locked away in a cage in the back of the store...they sold him to us for $5.00 when he was 7 weeks old....he has been with us ever since! Here are some pictures!

This is Jack when we brought him 7 weeks.=)

This is Jack now, doing what he does best...playing FETCH!

This is him at Christmas time...he loved playing with all the ribbons=)

I snapped this picture really quickly and I thought it was awesome how it came out...with the glowing eyes!

Jack with tape stuck to his head=P

And last but not least...Just a cute picture=) I love my cat!! Hehe...

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