Rah (cityrah) wrote in catpower,

Kitten birthing

First off, it's for my foster cat- I don't condone the irresponsibility of allowing cats to roam and breed.

- Milk production:  is this obvious?  Something that an untrained person can feel?  Or is the tummy too full and big to feel?
- Can you see contractions when they start or just the contractions in hard labour?  Like, can you see small flexes or her tummy muscles tensing up before she actually passes a kitten?
- I've read that personality changes are evident (more affectionate, reclusive, lots of purring). Do these happen only in the few hours beforehand or can it go on for a day or two?
- Do the kittens "drop" when it's almost time, like in humans?  I remember Nevan's kittens were quite low in her abdomen- right by her hips, while T'mia's are still right under her ribcage.  I only had one day before Nevan had hers, so I'm wondering if I should watch for that change too.

T'mia is doing well- doesn't seem to like the other cats though.  She loves me and doesn't mind me feeling the wigglies in her tummy (as long as I give her attention by petting her on the head too!)  I don't know her well enough to know if her personality has changed, but her nipples are very prominent (but I don't feel any obvious milk).  She looks like she is starting to get uncomfortable, but is still quite active and doesn't want to stay in her room.  She thinks she is still a thin, bouncy kitten- jumping up on the kitty shelf and exploring every door I open.
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