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Advice on how to choose a cat

People often ask me advice on how to choose a cat to adopt. So I typed it up for myself to save, and thought I'd share:
Unless you get two, you should get an older cat (2+ years, still young!). And unless you are planning on adopting another cat later, it would be great if you would adopt a cat that "needs to be the only cat" in the home!
Oh, the other thing too is- usually two cats is not 2x the work and cost of one cat. Getting a 2nd cat is not usually a huge burden since you already have all the stuff. Often they will keep each other entertained, taking the pressure off you to play with them and pay them attention. Of course, you have 2x the chance of vet bills though... and if they are really bonded to each other, they may not bond with you as much.
Remember: kittens are so cute, they really steal your heart, but they are a lot of work, get lonely, jump on the counter, eat your plants, knock all your shit over, need to be trained, etc. Also they may be pretty now, but their colours change as they get older and you can't always be sure what they will look like.
Fully grown cats are usually already trained, less work because they are much more mellow and low maintenance, and since they are already fully grown, you know they will keep looking they way they do. They are also more ok with you being at work all day as long as you leave the blinds partially open so they can just lie in a sunbeam (Cats are solar-powered, don't you know!)
Also, be open to black cats. MEOW has SO many wonderful black cats that get overlooked because other cats are "prettier" and catch people's eye.
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