Rah (cityrah) wrote in catpower,

I have a sick kitty

One of the 9 month ol kittens I've been fostering since they were 1 month old has got something wrong.
He's been throwing up for three days (Mostly just a little fluid now) and last night we noticed he has diarrhea too. He also has developed a really digusting "ass" smell (or maybe it's an infection smell, I don't know- either way, it's really repulsive, hard for me to handle, but hubby doesn't even smell it.) So today, we took a look at his rear end and he has wet gross stuff in his fur and I'm certain some of it is blood. I called the org. I am fostering for, but I had to leave a msg as there was no answer, but for now has anyone here had this happen? What could be causing it, etc?
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